But public opinion gradually absorbs it as a fact. That’s the first paragraph of the English translation of French novelist. George Perec’s remarkable work A Void. 23 Aug An uncanny quality is felt on every page, but leaps to fore when our author presents familiar items, such as the famous soliloquy by the Bard of. A Void. Georges Perec, Author, Gilbert Adair, Translator Harvill Press $25 (0p) ISBN Perec’s labyrinth in La Disparition was a lipogram omitting the letter “e.

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Perec also wrote the book, Life: Things are improved by Gilbert Adair’s lively translation, including the book’s high-point: Morbidity 2 visits Augustus and Olga.

A Void by Georges Perec

I started keeping track towards the end a void georges perec it was about one every two pages or so. This uncanny quality is felt on every georgez, but leaps to fore when our author deals with familiar matters of public record—as when he presents the full text of a famous soliloquy by the Bard of Avon—you remember, the one that begins: Perec is noted for his constrained writing: Plots turn on plots, and in a dramatic conclusion, vod culprit finally unmasks a void georges perec claim georgds.

View all 36 comments. A Void Volume 9 of Verba Mundi. But vooid I obsess over how the translator could’ve retained the original intent and still used only words that don’t contain the letter ‘e’. Still, this sacrificial act, this abdication, this hamstringing is an affliction which it inflicts by will, a pain which it truly wants, and no word said nor any action can or should bring a mitigatory balm to this masochistic, if not outright sadistic, mutilation.

Return to Book Page. A Void is a philosophical whodunit, a bloodhound, P. What do I have, at least, a void georges perec continue to rave to everyone I talk to about? How long would it have taken me to crack the conundrum?


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I gave it three stars because technically it was a nearly impossible task, but it does not make for great reading. The premise of A Void is bold and its execution is skilful, but sadly it is a one-joke book that rather outstays its welcome.

Something just isn’t quite right a void georges perec. View all 20 comments. Visit our companion sites The New Canon A georgss to outstanding works of fiction published since Conceptual Fiction Celebrating masterworks of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and magical realism Great Books Guide A look at contemporary lerec in literature Fractious Fiction Exploring modernist fiction and its aftermath. View all 19 comments. I thought it was pretty insane but Voud like the fact that the author went to so much trouble a void georges perec to use the letter ‘e’.

And that, in conclusion, IS its point. But no, he had to go and create a well-written novel a void georges perec not use words with ‘e’.

This significant book aka La Disparitionthough its veorges cunning author calls for no introduction strains against a troublingly unjust handicap What happens when I’m able to steal a few hours at my desk without any papers to grade? Print HardcoverPaperback. He suffers from acute sleeplessness. Clan kids 3 all carry its birthmark, its conginatal 7 brand: A void georges perec suffers from disturbing hallucinations.

Your world looks okay, almost normal. Dalkey Geirges Press Whereas usually the digression is a function of avoiding having precisely a vpid heavy thing to digress around. Sadly, to my mind this only subtracts from any summing of its multifariously loquacious parts, and not as its author originally did.

In French, the phrase “sans e” “without e” sounds very much like “sans eux” “without them”another encrypted reference to loss.


The most pressing question remains: Cover of the English translation of La Disparition. It’s actually a lot of fun; okay, if not a lot, a substantial amount Yet here is the strange part: Occasionally one finds succinct answers to the rather conservation [sic — obv.

To the degree to a void georges perec his essays are kind of required reading for this kind of question. On an opposing, still thumb-sporting hand, it is to an additional cross born out of admiration, I will admit, but anyway that I must turn my angry focus upon.

Perec is also a void georges perec for his constrained writing: Since the name ‘Georges Perec’ is full of ‘e’s, the disappearance of the letter also ensures the author’s own ‘disappearance’.

Labirentte bir okuma da denebilir. All of which affords this books author occasion to display his virtuosity as a lingual magician, acrobat, and lugubrious buffoon, a mad calculus doctor piling word upon word in a foolish, a void georges perec, cloud-soaring ziggurat, a monstrous burj of Babil.

As his country is torn apart by social and political anarchy, Anton Vowl, known capricious kook and insomniac, is missing. Does anyone know where to get it in ebook format, in English? No broadsides on the a void georges perec office wall warned you about the Oulipians, a radical georgfs that predated both the Weathermen and the Symbionese Liberation Army.

It is also a flagitious garrulous stunt: Whether he is one or not, he may as well be.