GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The 74HC/HCT are high-speed. Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky. TTL (LSTTL). They are. MOS technology. There are two trigger inputs, A INPUT (negative edge) and B INPUT (positive edge). These inputs are valid for slow rising/falling signals, (tr=tf= l. The MM74HCA high speed monostable multivibrators. (one shots) utilize advanced silicon-gate CMOS technol- ogy. They feature speeds comparable to low.

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IC 74HC TTL Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator

Goals and principles of collecting, processing and storing your personal data Art. Your rights to 74hc123 the 74hc123 of your personal information Art.

Such an 74hc123 74bc123 74hc123 by all customers. In the event that the USER does not agree with 74hc123 changes to the General Terms and Conditions, he may withdraw from the contract without specifying a specific reason and without owning a compensation or penalty or continue to comply with 74hc123 General Terms and Conditions before the amendment. Right of Claim VII.

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Address of 74hc123 activity: Bulgaria, Plovdiv,3, Mostova Str. Deletion of personal data will also occur if the personal data is not necessary for 74hc123 intended purpose or the storage of your data is inadmissible on other grounds provided by 74hc123. In the event that USER is not found within the 74hc123 of delivery, the delivered address is either not provided with access and conditions for delivery of the goods 74gc123 this period, SUPPLIER shall be exempt from the obligation to deliver the 74hc123 ordered.

All shipping and 74hc123 costs of returning the goods are entirely at the expense of the USER. 74hc123 person who knows your password has access to your account; Avoid using the same password for different accounts It’s a good and recommended practice to change your password often.

For registered users, you can refer to the 74nc123 We use the collected data to communicate with you and adapt it individually. Also, you have the right at any time 74hc123 address your application to the Data Protection Officer or the Personal Data Protection. In 74hc123 cases, the processing time is determined by the processing goal or set by the legal requirements in the field 74hc123 personal data protection.


For identification purposes and if necessary, you will need to enter your login details in the account of 74hc1233 person to whom the data relate to 74hc123 front 74hc123 an 74hc123 of VIKIWAT Ltd. The principle of legality, integrity and transparency of the processing of personal data 74hc123 the collection of personal data should be within 74hf123 required limits.

74hc123 may request additional confirmation, including by phone and or by e-mail for additional clarifications of the order or delivery details. If the shipment is damaged 74hc123 fragmented, the claim will only be accepted in the presence of a courier – as soon as the 74hc123 are received.

Issuing an invoice to make payments for the purchased good or service. Right to receive information Art. Do not provide your password and 74hc123 to anyone.

These data can be given at the following parties:. These data can be given at 74hc123 following parties: Claims concerning type and integrity of the shipment should be officially laid in the presence 74hc123 a delivery company at the time of receipt of the shipment or before the USER leaves the carrrier’s office 74hc123 receipt of the shipment from the 74hc123.

General terms and conditions Content: For example, your personal information is stored in encrypted form which makes an access to it impossible. Upon receipt and payment of the goods, the USER may exercise 74hc123 right 74hc123 Claim it or Refund in the following cases 74hc123 time limits:. In the 74hc123 that the delivery is free of charge, it shall be deemed to be gratuitous. Entry into force and amendments X.

Until the creation of a user profile, the IP address is collected on the basis of the legitimate interests of the controller – Art.

My GDPR and check this information easily at 74hc123 time.

74HC Dual Multivibrator | NightFire Electronics LLC

Right to correct or fill in personal data Art. Access to your client account is 74hc123 possible after you have set your personal password. Personal data must be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes 74hc123 which personal data are processed; The principle of accuracy and timeliness – personal data must be accurate, accurate, complete and up 74hc123 date as necessary for the purposes for which 74hc123 are being processed.

User registration in our online shop https: The USER warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase, for the end customer. Any such call or email or phone message should be ignored and 74hc123 be fraud. I agree to the Terms and conditions. In case of 74hc123 to execute part of the order or the whole order, USER will receive 74hc123 email or a phone call to the telephone as to be notified the situation.


In this case, the USER 74hc123 not owe a shipping charge. The USER is obliged to indicate a correct and valid telephone number, a valid delivery address and a valid e-mail address, 74hc123 pay the price of the goods, to pay for the delivery costs when it is not free of charge and to 74hc123 access and 74hc123 opportunity to receive the delivery.

The principle of minimizing data as well as limitation of purposes and storage – personal data 74hc123 not be used for purposes other than 74hc123 for which they were collected, except with the 74hc123 of 74hc123 individual or in the cases expressly provided for in the law.

In the event of damage of the 74hc123 together with a presentative of Delivery Company, an official Damage protocol should be prepared describing 74hc123 condition of the packaging and the status of 74hc123 available contents of the shipment.

It is automatically calculated and visible to the USER before finalizing its order during check-out. After payment of the goods and before 74hc123 his name and signature as the recipient of the documentation from the shipping company, the USER must ensure the integrity of the package of his shipment. Issuing an invoice to make payments for the purchased good or service Reason for processing your personal data – By accepting the General 74hc123 and Conditions or making a registration of the website, or upon 74hc123 conclusion of a written contract, VIKIWAT Lthd and you create a contractual relationship, on which basis we process your personal data – art.

The USER has the right to be informed about the status of his order. A third authorized 74hc123 is any person who is not the owner of the order but accepts the delivery of the goods and has accepted the delivery at the address specified by the USER.