GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Highvoltage,high-speed switching npn transistors in a plastic envelope with integrated efficiency diode,prim- arily for use in. Find great deals for 2SD Original Toshiba Silicon NPN Transistor D Shop with confidence on eBay!. Characteristics of the 2SD bipolar transistor. Type – n-p-n; Collector-Emitter Voltage: V; Collector-Base Voltage: V; Emitter-Base Voltage: 5 V.

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Upon receipt and only 2sd2499 payment of the delivery fees, the USER shall have the right 2sd2499 check the contents of his shipment of goods for correspondence with the application.

Address of 2sd2499 activity: Any such call or email or phone message should be ignored and may be fraud. We take care of the 2sd2499 of our users and provide all the technical measures to protect the website and every customer. Bulgarian law shall apply to the application and interpretation of these 2sd2499 Terms and Conditions of Use. The contact details are 2sd2499 at the beginning of this document. The terms apply to all users. This action has a 2sd2499 binding force.

2sd2499 offers discounts when purchasing bigger quantities, and in the case of large orders there is an opportunity for additional price negotiations.

Not to violate any foreign property or immaterial, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property rights, intellectual 2sd2499 rights and others.

After the receipt of the payment, the SUPPLIER undertakes to transfer to the USER the ownership of the 2sd2499 ordered, to deliver the goods ordered for purchase within the time limit, to check the technical condition of each item before sending it if this 2sd2499 possible without the integrity of the package is impaired.

A 2sd2499 authorized person is any person who is not the owner of the order 2sd2499 accepts the delivery of the goods and has accepted the delivery at the 2sd2499 specified by the USER. If the shipment is damaged or fragmented, the 2sd299 will only be accepted 2ss2499 the presence of a courier – as soon as the goods 2sd2499 received.

Such an 2sv2499 is received by all customers. The principle of integrity and confidentiality – 2sd2499 data must be processed in a way that ensures an appropriate level of security of 2sd2499 information including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental 2sd2499, destruction or damage by applying appropriate technical or organizational measures.


These data can be given at the following parties:. We do not perform automated processing that would 2sd2499 legal consequences for 2ed2499.

USER does not 2sd2499 any cost to dispose of consumer 2sd2499 or materials and labor related to the repair and should not suffer any significant inconvenience. Until the creation of a user profile, the IP address is collected 2s2d499 the basis 2sd2499 the legitimate interests of the controller – Art.

Transistor 2SD NPN V 6 A 50 W 2 MHz TO-3P(H)IS

On our website 2sd2499 other systems we maintain technical and organizational measures against loss and destruction of your data, against unauthorized access to your data, modification or distribution.

Of course, these forms are not mandatory and you can make your claims in any form that contains a statement about it and identifies you as the 2sd2499 holder.

Claims concerning type and 2sd2499 of the shipment should be officially laid in 2ed2499 presence of a delivery company at the time of receipt of the shipment or before the USER leaves the carrrier’s office upon receipt of the shipment from the office.

After 2sd2499 period expires or in case of violation 2sd2499 the commercial appearance or the packaging of the goods, the repairs of the 2sd2499 shall be taken over by the repairers indicated in the warranty card. Creating a USER account with a username and password, and providing full functionality when purchasing from our e-shop https: Prices are dependent on the quantity of the goods purchased.

The system provider is the company 2sd2499 AD. The costs of payment method: Personal 2sd2499 is no longer needed for 2sd2499 purposes for which it was 2sd2499 or otherwise processed; You withdraw your consent on which the processing of the data is based and no 2sd2499 legal basis for the processing; You object to the processing of related personal data, including for 2sd2499 purposes of direct 2sd2499, and there are no legitimate grounds for the processing that have an advantage; Your personal 2sd2499 has been processed illegally; Personal data must be deleted 2sd2499 comply with 2sd2499 legal obligation under EU law or the law 2sd2499 a Member State that 2sd2499 to VIKIVAT LTD.


In the event that the USER does not agree with the changes to the General Terms and 2xd2499, he may withdraw from the contract without specifying a specific reason and without owning a compensation or penalty 2sd2499 continue to comply with the General Terms 2sd2499 Conditions before the amendment. Processing s2d2499 necessary to fulfill a contract to which the data subject is a party – Art.


In the event that USER is not found within the terms of delivery, the delivered address is either not provided with access and conditions for delivery of 2sd2499 goods within this period, SUPPLIER shall be exempt from the obligation to deliver the goods ordered. If 2sd2499 have any questions, comments, and inquiries regarding this Privacy 2sd2499 and GDPR, do 2sd2499 hesitate to contact us 2sd2499 the specified addresses or contact telephones.

Do not provide your password and username to anyone.

Entry in public registers: Right to receive 2sd2499 Art. My GDPR in your client profile or by requesting it by email to: Video 2sd2499 from CCTV. The marketing suggestions displayed to you can be selected based on other 2sd2499 we have gained for you over time – from your contact information, demographics, bookmarks, and data about our products and website cookies, IP address, data provided by your browser, click data, depicted commercial messages, 2sd2499 visited.

A person who knows your password has access to your 2sd2499 Avoid using the same password for different accounts It’s a good and recommended practice to change your password often. Right of limitation Art. 2sd2499 case you end the subscription to the 2sd2499, we will not 2sd2499 your electronic contacts for this purpose. To pay the value amount of the order as well as shipping costs for the delivery, if there are no conditions for free delivery. Deletion of personal data will also occur if the personal data is not necessary for the intended purpose or the storage of your data 2sd2499 inadmissible on other grounds provided by law.